Serving Drycleaners in Colorado, Utah and Wyoming

September 27, 2019

Peak of Performance - Rocky Mountain Fabricare Association
Peak of Performance - Rocky Mountain Fabricare Association

Serving Drycleaners in Colorado, Utah and Wyoming
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Peak of Performance
Management Conference
Saturday, October 5, 2019

Joe Blaha
Conference Chairman

To All Rocky Mountain Area Dry Cleaners, Owners, Managers, and Key Employees:

I thought it might be of benefit to share with all of you the origin of the idea for this seminar and our commitment to sharing this event with our business community.

For me, I recently (two years ago) purchased a dry cleaning business and it became apparent to me rather quickly that the business and management side of running a small business is not child's play. For there to be a realistic plan to understand the steps necessary to grow a business and recognize areas requiring improvement, one must get connected with the numbers and prioritize areas where investment in focus or purchases may realize results.

To grow in a market cursed with declining piece counts there is a new requirement for vigilant attention to where the cash comes in and out, who are your customers, where have they been, what other services should be they be offered, as all this knowledge provides an opportunity for growth.

Having consistent access to the numbers realized in the production variables and costs involved in the business can easily make a huge difference in the success or failure of a business. This is the power to be found in knowing your numbers or else.

Understanding the power and information to be mined from your Point of Sale system ( POS ) is a huge area for all of us to utilize better. Not only that, the future in this computer technology is expanding beyond my current comprehension but it is certainly exciting.

If you recognize as I have, that if you wish to grow your business the program being offered at the POP Seminar is designed to help everyone at any level to have a real look at the state of the art when it comes to management analysis tools and computing technology.

Not only that, we have attracted some of the icons in this industry to host informational tables and support your success. At this point, they include A. L. Wilson, Arrow Fabricare, EnviroForensics, EZ Products, EZ Timers, GreenEarth Cleaning, Katzson Brothers, KleerWite Chemical, Pinyon Environmental, R. R. Streets, SMRT Systems, Seitz, Sankosha, SPOT Business Systems and Union Drycleaning Products.

Our presenters representing The Methods for Management philosophy and the SMRT Systems computing tools are without question among the leaders in supporting all that we see as necessary in the development of what it takes to grow.

I hope more of you agree, as we still have some space available for what is without question, a great value, in a great venue, offering a powerful and necessary program that everyone can benefit from.

Please call with any questions, to let us know you are interested and feel free to pay at the venue door by check or credit card. I hope to see you there, so please call soon and let us know as our caterer wants to be ready for all who are attending!

Our website has a concise report on the activities scheduled which should answer all of your questions. Just visit for detailed information on POP by clicking on "Read More" under "Upcoming Event" on the home page.

I hope to see you at POP

Joe Blaha

POP Management Conference Chairman


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