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March 2016

Shirt Laundry Seminar – Thursday, April 14, 2016 in Salt Lake City
“Producing the Best Shirt” presented by Jeff Allen of Seitz...
We will start at the front counter with customer service and move through the complete process of the following items:


  • Prep spotting
  • Proper loading and sorting
  • Washer extractor and programs.
  • Proper moisture retention for pressing.
  • Water supply needs
  • Chemistry needed to maximize quality.
  • Different final finishes for the shirts.
  • Finishing of the shirts including touch up.
  • Final inspection requirements.
  • Final packaging and storage to preserve the quality.
  • Total cost of producing a shirt today.

    Jeff’s background consists of many facets of the laundry and dry cleaning business over the years. He started in the dry cleaning industry when his family purchased their first dry cleaners back in 1979. Jeff worked many years in the family business which grew into a 6 store dry cleaning chain. Eventually he ventured away from the family business at the age of 24 and went into chemical and supply sales and service with Laun-Dry Supply Company, and then with Katzson Brothers. Six years later he traveled the Western United States and Canada as a Regional Sales Manager for the Unipress Corporation. It was in 2007 when he returned to the chemical sales and service part of our industry, this time it was with the Seitz Company. Jeff was born in Rock Island, Illinois however moved to Colorado at an early age. He enjoys spending time with his family which consists of his wife and 11 year old daughter plus a Russian turtle and two dogs. REGISTER TODAY !!

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