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August 2018


Featuring Jeff Schwarz of A.L. Wilson Chemical Company

Saturday September 22. 2018

9:00 AM to Noon at Red Hanger Cleaners 536 South 200 West Salt Lake City, UT 84101
Saturday September 29. 2018

9:00 AM to Noon at Katzson Bros. 960 Vallejo St. Denver, CO 80204
Topic: Almost Everything You Need to Know About Dry Cleaning
Problem Garments.
How to test to prevent problems in general

Black and White
How to process black & white garments

What to do? How to do it.

Yellow Stains
Removing the dreaded Yellow Stains.
Dye Bleed
Fixing fugitive dye bleeds.

Spot Cleaning
How to handle spot clean care labels

Bleaching Techniques
Advanced. Bleaching tricks of the trade.

Questions and Answers
You ask Jeff. He answers.

Who is Jeff?

Jeff Schwarz who is also known as the "Stain Wizard" has served the drycleaning industry since 1991 when he started in the San Francisco. Bay Area selling/ installing pads and covers - everything from shirt units to flatwork ironers. This is also where became involved with industry trade associations. Jeff served as president of the Peninsula Drycleaning Association and later the Central. Valley Drycleaning Association.

Jeff has written numerous articles for newsletters and Western Cleaners and Launderers magazine and he was named. Allied. Tradesman of the Year by the CCA, SDA and WSDCLA associations.

As the Western.US Regional Vice President, for A.L. Wilson Chemical Co., Jeff is responsible for covering 13 states including Hawaii and also Western Canada. He visits approximately 1,000 Drycleaning plants each year and provides technical assistance and conducts 20 in plant training sessions and industry spotting/ bleaching seminars every year.

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